What is editing? Where should you start? How much should you do? Do you really need it? If you’ve ever asked those questions, you’re not alone.

What Is It?

Editing is the process of taking what you have — whether it’s a short story or a full-length novel — and making it better.

Do You Really Need It?

In a word, yes. Why? Because anything worth doing is worth doing well and a good story is no exception. Readers expect (and deserve) the best. Quality editing can make that happen.

The “CAKE” Recipe to Editing

Think of the process like making a cake. The best results come from good work done in the prep, mixing and baking stages. Skimping or skipping one or all can equal disaster. The same goes for editing your project.

The following tried-and-true “recipe” will help you navigate the process, step by step.


What you need and how to use it well.

1: Proofreading quickly reviews the ingredient list. Is anything obviously missing? If so, add it. If not, you’re ready to start.

2: Content Editing is a quality check. Do you need to swap an ingredient for a better one? Is anything missing? Did you use too much/too little of something? Maybe the scope of this recipe is off – i.e. you intended to make a cake but only included enough ingredients for a cupcake. Don’t skip or rush this stage if you want the best results.



Let’s put this baby together!

3: Copy Editing reviews the assembled cake, polishing it, adding ingredients to enhance flavor, and identifying any missing elements that may require some extra steps.



The final stage.

4: Last Look® removes last-minute gotchas, like OCR errors that can occur when formatting an edited document for publishing.

5.Blurb Rx provides a polished blurb to whet readers’ appetites.

6. Publish.

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