Steve Aversano

A fantastic experience. She really cared about my project.

DCS was referred to me by a friend and fellow writer. There was a sense that Lauren cared about her projects. Other similar services seemed mechanical, like something Grammarly could provide for me. Working on my novel with Lauren was fantastic. Her suggestions were well thought out and informed, which was impressive since my subject matter required a fair amount of fact-checking. Lauren made the whole process a pleasant experience. I've already recommended her/DCS to others!

Sybil Nelson

Goes above and beyond

Lauren is an amazing editor. Not only does she find grammar and usage errors in your work, but she really seeks to understand the story as a whole and make it one cohesive and engaging reading experience. My editor is professional, timely, considerate and just a great person to work with. This is above and beyond the excellent editing service she provides for each one of my stories.

Nana Malone

The perfect balance between style and editing.

My favorite part of Daisycakes is how well they preserve my voice. They manage to find the perfect balance between style and editing, helping to preserve the true author voice. Lauren is knowledgeable, fast, and helps you see the story in ways you didn't think of before.

Devin Claire

Invaluable feedback made me a repeat customer.

This is my first time working with an editor. I was a little nervous as first, but Lauren made the process easy and fun. Her grammar game is strong! She is very professional. I felt very well taken care of and her feedback was invaluable. I can now look at my book and be truly happy with the finished product. I am now a repeat customer!

Minx Malone

Helps me craft the best story possible

Daisycakes Creative consistently goes above and beyond to help me craft the best story possible. More than just grammar and syntax, Lauren Dee is an expert at helping you pull a story apart and get at the bones. All the projects we've worked on have been fundamentally better stories due to her input.

Dara England/C. Greenwood

One of the best editors I’ve worked with!

One of the best editors I’ve worked with. Lauren Dee provides excellent service!

Kelly Dark

A good reputation. Meticulous work.

My experience was really good. You're very meticulous and even found a change of POV that I hadn't intended! I also really appreciated all your comments and suggestions. I would definitely recommend DCS.

Crystal Joy

A great experience!

I highly recommend Daisycakes Creative Services! Lauren is very kind, knowledgeable, and professional. She also works fast, yet diligently. She explains many of her edits, so you won't make the same mistakes over and over again. She had great suggestions. I plan on working with her in the future!

Les Turner

A great experience and I can’t recommend DCS enough!

I worked with Lauren on the editing of my novel, THE PACK (2010 Amazon Breakthrough novel Award). It was a great experience and I can't recommend Daisycakes enough. It was highly professional.

L. Penelope

A Pitch-Perfect blurb — subtle but powerful

Daisycakes Creative Services added power and impact to my blurb. It's definitely catching people's attention!

L. Penelope

Helping me become a better writer

What makes Lauren stand out are the detailed explanations she includes along with her edits. I appreciate the effort she puts, not only into polishing the manuscript, but [into] helping me become a better writer.

Amanda Brice

Put the perfect polish on my words

Lauren did a fantastic job editing my book. She’s very easy to work with and helped me put a perfect polish on my words. She’s a consummate professional and really treats her clients well.”

Opal Mellon

A permanent member of my editing team!

I can’t recommend Daisycakes Creative highly enough to any author looking for editing and/or proofreading … You not only get reliability, great service, and marvelous results, but also the satisfaction of knowing you’ve found a permanent member of your publishing team.”

Louisa Mack

Made indie publishing so much easier!

Working with Lauren as my editor made indie publishing for the first time so much easier. I could tell from the corrections that my book had been read by a professional and that gave me tremendous confidence. I’m planning on having her as my editor for every book I write from now on.


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