Hi dolls! As part of our new Blurb Rx service, I wrote the following blurb for  The Torrents, an upcoming novel by  Opal Mellon, author of the Sunset series. Enjoy!

Eighteen-year-old lifeguard Kylie is used to saving people. It comes with the job. But secretly she wishes someone would rescue her: from debt, strained relationships with her family and the haunting sense that something isn’t quite right in her life.

 Stephen seems like an answer to her prayers. Tall, dark and full of life, he sweeps Kylie off her feet. Together, they share a summer of love that blossoms into something more than either imagined.

Until the past catches up to them.

When dark secrets threaten to destroy their fragile love, can they survive or will they lose everything in The Torrents?

 Author Opal Mellon’s The Torrents takes you on a journey of love and loss, pain and redemption, and explores the healing power of God.

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