His Only Hope by Opal Mellon

It’s finally here! For those of you who have followed author Opal Mellon’s wonderful Sunset series, Book 4 is a must-read. (And for those of us with a thing for red-haired men, you’ll love the intensity of the hero, Jason Landon.)

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Hope Wilson knows it’s stupid to fall in love with your business partner. Still, after eight years working with gorgeous Jason Landon, a sexy former escort, she’s thinking about running her hands through his thick auburn hair when she should be thinking about business. Especially now that their club is struggling. Club Blue has always been a convenient way of keeping Jason by her side, and if she loses it, she fears she’ll lose him as well. She can’t let that happen.

Jason knows Hope wants him. He has built a career on women wanting him. But after eight years Jason has changed, and now he wants more from life and more from Hope.

Club Blue is just a relic of a past he’d rather forget, and he’d prefer to see it burn to the ground, so he and Hope can move on as more than business partners. But Hope doesn’t see it that way, and when she comes to him desperate for help keeping the club alive, he can’t seem to refuse her. But amidst the drama of helping Hope save the club, a devastating man from Hope’s past reappearing, threats of blackmail, and the sizzling tension between Hope and himself, Jason is determined to show the woman he loves that there is more between them than Club Blue.

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