Our complimentary sample edit policy.

We provide a free sample edit of up to 1,000 words for potential clients. For the best possible results, please include a sample with both dialogue and narration.

Our booking/reservation policy.

We book months in advance. Join our newsletter to hear about schedule openings, discounts and events. For emergencies, Contact Us.

To reserve a space on our schedule, you pay a non-refundable reservation fee that guarantees DCS will not book another client or project in that time slot.

Contact Us for a quote/to reserve a space on the schedule. Be sure to include all of the following: Word Count, Genre, and any relevant Themes. (See our “No Go” policy.)

Our payment policy.

All payment is in United States currency ($). Invoicing and payments are made via Paypal.

Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

We cannot accept cash or any cash-like instruments. We do not accept payments in person.

All unpaid invoices must be paid before a new project will be started.

Our process policy.

See “Are You Ready for Editing? (The Process)” to learn our unique “Cake” theory on the editing process.

All documents must be provided in one of the following formats: .doc, .docx, or .rtf.

Please note: Due to document formatting incompatibility, we do not accept documents created in the Word Perfect program.

Our changing scope policy.

New Changing scope: Once work has started, no changes to the manuscript will be accepted after 72 hours. In that time frame, changes of up to 5,000 words are acceptable but will result in a delayed start date and will increase the turnaround time as well as the final invoice price. All changes will be reflected in the final invoice. Changes greater than 5,000 words will not be accepted.


Our questions policy.

If you have a quick follow-up question based on your project, feel free to contact us. If you have an industry-based or grammar question, please submit it via our Contact page and join our newsletter to read the answer!

Our cancellation policy.

Please note that if you need to cancel, the reservation fee is non-refundable.

Our rescheduling policy.

Contact Us as soon as possible. We try to be flexible.

New Please note: If you make a change of 14 days or more to your start date, another reservation fee must be paid to secure a new date.

Our “No Go” policy.

We reserve the right to refuse any project. Some basics on our “No Go” list include work that features incest, bestiality, rape, gore, polyamorous relationships (i.e. multiple partners), erotica (See “Erotic romance vs. Erotica — What’s the Difference?”), or paranormal.

To get an idea for what we handle, please see our Portfolio on the main page.

Our confidentiality policy.

We recognize that some documents may contain proprietary information. All documents and correspondence between DCS and clients are kept confidential.

Our re-publishing policy.

The images: The images used on this site are copyrighted and may not be used elsewhere. The articles: We hope the articles on this site get you excited about writing. If you post a link to them on your social media or site, please include our name – Daisycakes Creative Services — and link back to our site: Daisycakescreativeservices.com

Our testimonial/kudos policy.

Want to share the love? You can submit a testimonial with feedback on your experience working with us via the Contact Us page. Also feel free to give us a shout out on Twitter.

Thank you for reading our policies!