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When American heiress Millicent Wright visits the eerie moors of Devonshire, her hunt for a titled British husband turns into a search for a cold-blooded killer. With her prospective husband not yet cold in the grave, Millicent delves into the secret lives of the inhabitants of the sleepy little village of Buckfastleigh. Murder suspects abound, from a spurned lover, a dour sister, and a disgruntled footman, to a retired colonel, a deranged grandmother, and a seemingly simple country doctor.

The only one who appears to want to help is the handsome Detective Lockwood. But with the list of murder victims growing longer and her own life in danger, Millicent doesn’t know how far she can trust him. Someone or something certainly seems to want her out of the way. Does the infamous curse on the Longbourne brides extend to soon-to-be brides or is someone at Buckfast Hall playing a terrifying and deadly game?

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Series: American Heiress Mysteries (Book 1)

Dark Marco Vol 1 + 2!

Dark Marco book Dark Marco 2

Meet Marco Avalon. He’s kind of a big deal in the world of super-secret, genetically-altered super-spies.

He might not know the difference between right and wrong (super secret spy/assassin, remember?) but somehow he can feel it. And in the world of the dangerous Selliwood Institute, feeling anything is bad news. Especially love.

Readers fell in love with Marco in the Priscilla the Great series. Now see him as never before in this prequel series that not only provides action, mystery and humor, it tugs at the heartstrings.

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Like Amanda Quick? You’ll love these books

Do you like Amanda Quick? Then you’ll definitely enjoy this great series of Victorian mysteries, headed by the intrepid amateur sleuths Drucilla Winterbourne and Mariah Featherstone in Dara England’s The Accomplished series. And guess what? Soon, you can get both in a nifty box set:

Isn’t this adorable? I don’t know about you but it makes me want to go re-watch episodes of Sherlock Holmes (the Jeremy Brett versions) then read my favorite Amanda Quick books again.
Random question: Has anyone else read her books so much the pages are actually yellowing?

Cooking up Trouble on sale!

Who doesn’t love a couple of gorgeous Australians who can cook? Well, grab your fan and get ready to laugh because the wonderful Louisa Mack’s latest romantic comedy, Cooking Up Trouble is out from Smashwords! Buy your copy here. Update! It’s now available on Amazon for $0.99 here.

Take a woman who cooks like a goddess. Add a lawyer whose voice sends tingles up her spine. Stir them together with a pub in the middle of the Australian outback to make an interesting mix. Sprinkle in a villain who will stop at nothing to hit the big time and someone putting dope in the dinner. Season it all with a visit from Mother and a handful of elusive opals and you’re Cooking Up Trouble.